Friday, October 13, 2006

In answer to Mr. Schierling's question: yes, the dicks who burst with talent do, in fact, comprise a separate list:

Recently, I was asked to write for Seattle Metropolitan Magazine ( An SMM editor read my pieces in The Believer and Googled me. This is a delectable way to get work.

Said awesome editor is new to town and I asked him if I could recommend certain writers and photographers. Several of my other editors read this blog, so I'm posting the list below. As I told my compadres: each of them bursts with talent. And none of them are dicks.


Brian Barr: The Believer, The Seattle Weekly, Harp, The Stranger,+brian+j.

L. Suzanne Stockman: Monkeybicycle, Spin, Nylon, Pindeldyboz

Ryan Boudinot: author of "The Littlest Hitler" ("Ryan Boudinot is some kind of new and dangerous cross between Vonnegut and Barthelme."--Dave Eggers), McSweeney's, BlackBook, Monkeybicycle

Michelle Goodman: Seattle Times, Bust, Salon, Seal Press

Sean Nelson: editor emeritus at The Stranger, music editor at MSN, on-air at KEXP, Harvey Fucking Danger

Diane Mapes: Seattle Times, Washington Post, Seal Press

Chris Estey: The Stranger, Seattle Sound, Paste, Three Imaginary Girls

Leah Baltus: Seattle P-I, Rivet

Angela Fountas (Monkeybicycle, Seal Press, Syntax)

Brangien Davis (Seattle Times, Swivel)


Amanda Koster: Newsweek, Fortune, "AIDS is Knocking", United Nations

Ryan Schierling: Paste, Seattle Sound, Barsuk

Laura Musselman: Paste: Seattle Sound

Gregory Perez: KEXP, scads of others, I'm sure, but I couldn't access his site content

And an extra-special shout-out to the crackling Ms. Dana at Three Imaginary Girls ( who recently linked The Slippery Fish to TIG's Indie RSS Blogroll. Continued cheek kisses to you and the Girls!

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michelle said...

aw, you're so sweet. thanks, litsa. thanks for sharing the wealth and spreading the love. xoxo