Tuesday, December 15, 2009

May your dreidl always spin!

On my Facebook page, I wished a Happy Hanukkah on its second day, but between my sorrow and empathy for the loved ones of the Mt. Hood climbers, spending some much-needed goof-off time with my own loved ones, and getting my H1N1 vaccine, I inadvertently neglected to mention the Festival of Lights here and I feel like a jackass.

I've pasted my Facebook Hanukkah greeting below as it was met w/ great cheer from my Jewish friends:

"We used to call this 'the Jew Room'"--Tim Conway as aging TV star, Bucky Bright, referring to the writers' room in season #2 of "30 Rock". Hoping my treasured friends, colleagues, and neighbors are enjoying a festive, restorative and happy Hanukkah! Much love and many hugs, Litsa

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