Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Indie lit and awesome good times:

I've been on de facto hiatus around these parts mostly because my novel has been eating my time like a cracked out piranha and, also, there has been the recurring tripwire of my health. I'm taking on deadlines again, though, and am about to resume posting here regularly.

If you're curious as to the latest:

My short story, "Defending Reggie" was featured in the lit journal Hobart's annual April Baseball Issue:


My essay, "Tossers!" was recently Story of the Week at Smith Magazine:


And my short piece, "No Such Luck" was accepted at Six Sentences, alongside work from Neil LaBute and sundry others whose work I value more than homemade lasagna:


Scads more in the pipeline. Touch wood, all that. But first, time for the oft-mentioned mocha.