Saturday, January 21, 2006

And soon:

I've now read a couple dozen articles and blog entries re Laura/JT, and unsurprisingly, those of us who received the suicide calls, i.e. "I've been cutting myself and want to die" are considerably angrier, less forgiving, and more hurt. Many have speculated as to Laura's mental health and several have concluded that it's impaired. No kidding. Only a sociopath repeatedly betrays her friends, lies to her editors, and tricks her readers and fans. All the while extracting sympathy for purported suicidal ideation.

But maybe this last part wasn't an act. Maybe Laura really wishes she were dead. She didn't get to be a rock star, nor an author in her own right. May fate grant her this one.

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Marguerite said...

Yeah, I'm neither a psychiatrist or a psychologist, but I have seen many of them on "Oprah," so I feel qualified to say this woman is undobutedly very disturbed. The sad thing is, you have to wonder if she isn't the victim of some sort of abuse herself (although I doubt it took the specific form of "JT's"). But maybe not - in our culture we tend to jump to make victims out of people who are simply behaving badly. (Again, I don't have an *actual* license to practice psychiatric medicine, although I do have the entire Barnes & Noble self-help aisle in my bedroom, which must count for something.)

As for the suicide attempts/calls, etc., if I were you I'd be mega-pissed, too. It's one thing to invite people to fun parties with Winona Ryder, even doing interviews, etc., and then have a laugh about it in the end. But the whole suicide thing, much like prentending to have AIDS, takes advantage of peoples' compassion, which already in short supply in this world. And it could compromise people's willingness to give help or support when it's really needed. Not to mention the profound emotional stress that comes with a phone call from a "friend" who's about to off "him"self.

Still, it strikes me as interesting that Laura/JT would be talking about suicide at a time when he was, in fact, "dying." (Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying this is an excuse.) He died (ceased to "exist") definitively around January 10. It seems like she might be suffering some form of pschitzophrenia (which a real shrink might know how to spell).

Maybe Laura should go see the famous Dr. Owens at St. Mary’s McAuley Institute?