Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Okay, kids, here goes:

Everything has changed since I last traipsed these pages.

Barack Obama gave a smart and eloquent acceptance speech that soared higher than a Pegasus rocket and still delivered policy specifics. The next morning, John McCain announced Sarah Palin would be his vice presidential pick.

Since then, each day has brought a new revelation about Alaska's governor. At this point, we've heard them all: she wants Roe vs. Wade overturned; thinks abortion is wrong in cases of rape or incest; believes creationism should be taught in schools; was the mayor of a town of 7000 until 20 months ago; is under investigation in Alaska for ethics violations; has no foreign policy experience; supports banning books; doesn't understand even the basics of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae; has concluded the U.S. is doing God's will in Iraq; and, as broken by the Washington Post today, billed her state's taxpayers for 312 nights she spent at home.

The twin culprits of book and CFIDS have prevented me lately from weighing in here as much as I'd like. But I'm going to try to resume posting a few times a week. In the meantime, to get up to speed, I'll paraphrase one of my favorite lines from Moonstruck: one day Sarah Palin will drop dead and I'll go to her funeral in a red dress.

Today's Washington Post story:



Anonymous said...

AND her church had a fundie nutjob saying that israel's problems with terrorism is because they aren't following Jesus - and said fundie nut job wasn't just your standard garden variety fundie nutjob, they were a Jews For Jesus fundie nutjob, and her church's website is still bragging about his visit to their church.


looking forward to hearing more from you on palin in particular :)

Litsa Dremousis: said...

I knew Palin was a fundamentalist, but I didn't know she belonged to an anti-Semitic congregation, too. Thanks for the update.

Between courting Pastor Hagee's endorsement and choosing Palin as his running mate, I don't get how McCain sleeps at night: in his heart of hearts, I doubt he believes this crap. I wonder if Lieberman ever questions him about it behind closed doors.

Re thoughts on Palin, right back atcha. :)