Monday, January 05, 2009

I think even Gloria Steinem and Jesus would agree with me here:

I've written before that, not only is it okay to call Ann Coutler a "cunt", it's not okay not to call her one.

And in case you needed one more reason:


Unknown said...

Okay Litsa who the f*ck is that woman? She is reaaaaaallllllyyyyy annoying and I'm being nice here.

"grateful to bush for keeping the nation safe?" WHAT THE F*CK?

Litsa Dremousis: said...

Hey, Maria! Ann Coulter is a right-wing author and pundit, but she's so far to the right that even a lot of Republicans hate her. She accused 9/11 widows of being whiny and belittled Elizabeth Edwards' cancer. She's truly one of the most cretinous individuals on the planet and when she dies, I suspect even her family will skip the funeral and go bowling or something.

Anonymous said...

she is what she is ... there is enough of both whiney liberals and right wing conservatives to nausiate even the strongest stomach ... but the fact remains that Bush has kept the hoards of fanatics nervous enough ... Not to fuck with the United States... you keep the wolves of the world from eating you ... by ... Eating the Wolves ... go rent "the Cullpepper Cattle Company" and you might get it ... probably not.!!!!