Saturday, November 21, 2009

And this week's shout-outs go to:

  • Christy, for graciously allowing her birthday dinner to be postponed twice, (once when TJ went missing and then again when he was confirmed dead) and while it wasn't the locus of what should have been and was an evening to honor her, she kindly didn't ask or expect me to pretend what is going on is not going on. And we should note she was his friend, too.
  • Hilary, for a deeply meaningful and darkly hilarious dinner at Quinn's after which I got the closest thing I've managed to a full night's sleep in six and a half weeks.
  • My cousin, George (yeah, I know, same name as my brother, but they're named after different grandfathers), for volunteering to purchase and install a router so that I might have wi-fi. (And as such, I'm writing this from my living room now. Hooray!)
  • My parents, for a fun-under-the-circumstances lunch before they dropped me off at grief counseling.
  • My new friend, Gary, for being a spectacular listener and for reaching out to an acquaintance when many would have looked the other way. Also, he is a gifted thinker, conversationalist, and artist who helped today pass in a vastly superior manner to yesterday, which was hellish.
  • Kate, for sending me one of the most insightful and understanding letters I've received since this began and whose awesomeness continues unabated.
  • Jade, Yahoo!'s overnight editor, for her otherworldly level of insight and who chose one of their photo highlights for me:
  • My cousin, Mary, for her unfailing compassion and ability to make sense in the face of cacophony.
  • My brother, George, for continuing to prompt me to laugh when it's seemingly impossible.
And if I forgot you, please, speak up: I'm a bit fuzzy-headed now for obvious reasons. Really, though, I cannot thank everyone enough. I remain grateful beyond measure.

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