Saturday, February 20, 2010

Along with the jammies corollary:

Looking forward to tonight, which will be the largest, though not the last of the birthday gatherings.

I must be presentable, cogent and witty in a few hours, however, but once again, I've barely slept. And I'm afraid if I close my eyes now, I'll zone through the festivities, which would be poor form. Though I'm unsure how I'll be presentable, cogent and witty unless I get some sleep.

Great thing about my friends and family and among the reasons I love them so? Everyone is fully cognizant of the circumstances this year and if I arrived with a pillow in tow, their feelings for me wouldn't change.

Hope not, anyway. Because we might be testing that theory in a bit.


GDG said...

Glad you made it without the pillow & with all of your wits about you. You were a whirling dervish. Thanks for having me there.

Litsa Dremousis: said...

So glad you could make it, Gary! As always, wonderful seeing you! Hugs! Litsa