Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is he sorry? Or sorry he got caught?

Chris Reichert, 40, is one of the Tea Party-ers who, in protesting health care reform in front of Representative Mary Jo Killory's district office this past weekend, berated a former nuclear physicist sitting near the crowd with a sign proclaiming he has Parkinson's Disease. Reichert proceeded to hurl dollar bills at the physicist and screamed in the man's face.

Now, in an interview with The Columbus Dispatch, Reichert apologizes profusely. And indeed, he sounds genuinely contrite. But is it because he has re-evaluated his deplorable actions? Or is it because they were captured on video, have spread throughout the web, and were entered into the Congressional Record by Representative Killroy?

Does a 40 year-old man really disavow his purportedly deeply held beliefs in the period of a few days?



Historical Reminiscing with Marilyn said...

In my experience and I have some... they only apologize when they are caught on Video! Thumbs down he doesn't really mean it!

Litsa Dremousis: said...

I'm inclined to agree w/ you, Mari, that Reichert wouldn't have apologized if he hadn't been caught. Thanks for weighing in.