Sunday, June 22, 2008

Apart from homicidal dictators and the occasional all-thumbs editor...

...I try not to wish death upon anyone.

But I was about to link to an interview w/ the nutball Dick Morris when my Blackberry went off. I checked and the New York Times email alert said George Carlin died at his home in Los Angeles.


I petition God for a swap.

(Also, belatedly: Tim Russert R.I.P.)



Anonymous said...

Heh! You have a crackberry.
For some reason, this amuses me.


Litsa Dremousis: said...

Yeah, a few weeks ago I lost the cell phone I'd had for four years, so I upgraded. A lot of writers use them b/c you can file shorter pieces directly from your Blackberry.

Somewhere in your mind's dark recesses, you're probably remembering a dinner we had at Longshoreman's Daughter about six or seven years ago, where I teased you about your handheld and said I didn't think I'd get anything similar.

(So far, I really like it, though I see the pitfalls, too.)