Friday, June 20, 2008

Group nudity, rum drinks, rockin' out : Eric Spitznagel on the high seas

The deeply gifted and forever adored Mr. Spitznagel has an awesome new feature, "Rock the Boat", in the July/August issue of Radar.


"If you've ever lived in Los Angeles, you've most likely experienced that moment when you're out with your friends and somebody says, 'Hey, we should drive to Las Vegas!' So you all pile into the car thinking you're being spontaneous and wild, until you get about midway through the desert and return to your senses. Las Vegas is never as good as you think it's going to be. Wayne Newton, in actuality, isn't so hilariously kitschy. He's just kind of creepy.

A rock cruise is like Las Vegas with all the exits cut off."



Colin Matthew (The Book Pirate) said...

Weird. I was just talking about Eric's book (Fast Forward) this morning with a friend.

Litsa Dremousis said...

Fast Forward should be discussed often and throughout the day.

If you get a chance, Google the Salon essay that preceded it, b/c that's pretty great, too.

Eric Spitznagel said...

Good god I adore you, Litz. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your unreasonable benevolence and staggering support, both personally and professionally. Your unconditional kindness never ceases to amaze me.

It should be noted for the record that Litsa shares at least some of the credit for my Radar story. I sent an early draft to her, all but begging for her editorial guidance, and she took in my soft satirical mass, as yet just a literary beer belly, and pummeled it into shape. She was the Mr. Miyagi to my Ralph Macchio, although she's a thousand times cuter than Pat Morita and I'm not nearly as Italian.

Litsa Dremousis said...

And you, Mein Kraut, are lodged in the top tier of awesomeness, alongside Washington Square Park, lilac trees, fresh blueberries, and licking frosting from the beater.

Your Radar piece was already great when you sent it to me. I just tweaked it, so I was more like Ralph Macchio's friend who high fives him after he breaks a board or something. (I still haven't seen Karate Kid.)