Thursday, December 10, 2009

Because kneejerk thinking on the left is every bit as pernicious and irritating as it is on the right:

I feel like everybody purchased Audacity of Hope a year and a half ago, but only a few of us read it. Our president has stuck remarkably close to the plans he laid out for our nation. And might I remind the naysayers that Bill Clinton's first year was laden with Time Magazine's infamous "Incredible Shrinking President" cover and that by the end of his second term, each poll indicated a majority of Americans would, if possible, elect him to a third.

Should we have gone into Iraq? No. Would it be dangerously naive and naively dangerous to immediately pull out of Afghanistan? Even a cursory knowledge of history indicates, "Yes."

Regarding health care reform, will the final bill be perfect? No. Is it vastly superior to our current shameful system? Of course.

Again, as I've written of here and elsewhere: we elected a president, not Santa Claus. And I'm sorry if while we were all campaigning our asses off last year that you thought Barack Obama could slide down the chimney and make everything perfect. And within the first year. For fuck's sake, don't weaken our own side for the midterm elections and for the presidential race in 2012. Because I don't think you want to see what Mike Huckabee or someone like him will pull out of his ass when it comes to domestic and foreign policy and Supreme Court nominees.

Congratulations on your Nobel Peace Prize win and your meaningful, insightful acceptance speech today, Mr. President.

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