Sunday, April 17, 2011

Coming soon!

For the past month, I've been gathering all links to my work so that I can archive them here in one comprehensive entry. If I get super-ambitious, I'll scan my print-only features to my Flickr account and toss those links into the mix, too. I hope to complete said project soon, then I'll update The Slippery Fish only when I have a new piece go online or hit the stands.

'Tis best for two reasons: I have many features and larger projects in the pipeline and those are absorbing my attention. Also, Facebook and Twitter, combined with said work, have made The Slippery Fish superfluous.

I'd ruminate on where I was when I started this blog in 2003 and all that's changed for good and bad in the interim, but you know what? I don't have the time.

And that might be the perfect note on which to end things.


Caryn said...

why not upload the printed pieces to scribd?

Litsa Dremousis: said...

Hey, lady! Good question. If I understand scribd correctly, you have to upload the file, right? And the piece gets its own link and will come up in web searches, but the copyright has to be in your name in order to upload it. Again, assuming I understand scribd correctly. Re the printed work in question, the copyrights are in the publications' or publishers' names. When I reach that point, I might bounce additional questions off you b/c your tech expertise is golden. XO! Litz